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The aim of this learning unit is to help parents and professionals work together.
The learning unit provides insights into the ideas and tools needed to enable any family to be involved in school life, to be able to work in partnership with teachers, and be able to have a joint decision with the chosen professional/therapist (common attitude). Throughout the learning unit you will read research summaries as well as practices on how to get involved.

What you will learn

Once you have completed this learning unit you should:

recognize the importance of partnership, and learn how to become partners

know practices on how to collaborate with different actors within the school system.

learn how to understand  to navigate within the healthcare system.


In this lesson, we will explore what partnership is, its definition its importance, the roles and how can it be created. 

This learning unit is planned to be completed in ....... You can do it at your own pace.


You do not need to have any prior knowledge to take part in this learning unit.

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