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Welcome to the Parenting Together e-learning course. The course is designed to support parents who have children with intellectual disabilities or suspect that their children may have such a disability. The activities are primarily targeting parents of younger children, aged 0-7, but the creators hope parents with older children can also benefit from it.

The course was created by organisations from Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands and Portugal, and your trainers have experiences in various topics the training will cover and bring in experiences from these countries as well as others. Our aim is to help you by offering self-reflection opportunities, theory and practice as well as further reading recommendations, to guide you in difficult situations, and to link you to other parents as well as professionals.

The course consists of six learning units. You can take any or all of them, but we recommend to at least visit all 6 to have a full experience.

The authors choose topics that often pose main challenges to parents of children with intellectual disabilities, namely:

the road to getting a diagnosis

collaboration with professionals and development at home

inclusive and specialised education support

universal design

family and community inclusion

parent well-being

Enjoy the course and learning! We are also looking forward to your feedback.

The road to getting a diagnosis