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In this learning unit we are going to inform you about your rights as a Parent and the Human Rights of your child.

We are going to explore options-tools-services in order to support the process of inclusion.

Furthermore we are going to present methods and approaches in order to empower each Parent to build self-esteem, broaden their options and be part of the creation of an inclusive,  - without barriers - environment for their children.

In order to achieve the transition from theory to practice, you will be presented with various activities which are designed based on the articles of the UN conventions.

What you will learn

Knowledge in depth regarding the Human Rights of Parents and Children

Useful tools and services 

Impactful methods and approaches (Self Advocacy, Co-production, Personal Centered Planning)

Activities to reach inclusion


The human rights of people with intellectual disabilities

- Social inclusion and children with supporting needs

- Children with supporting needs human rights

- State care of children with supporting needs in terms of their social inclusion

- Role of social inclusion in children with supporting needs and the factors that affect it

Family Inclusion aspects

- The road from the initial diagnosis to the acceptance of the child unique characteristics

- Managing parents’ emotions and well being

- Leisure activities (sports, occupational therapy etc) of children with supporting needs

- Communication between children with supporting needs and family

- Detection of skills orientation of children with supporting needs

- Communication ways and methods between the child and parents

- Relationship with brothers and/or sisters

- Use of gaming as developmental tool

Community Inclusion aspects

- Community inclusion conceptual approach. Understanding the impact of different types of environments on the individual and the process of inclusion.

- Mapping of community resources regarding children with supporting needs

- Relations with other families

This module is planned to be completed in 3 or 4 hours. You can do it at your own pace.


You do not need to have any prior knowledge to take part in this learning unit.

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