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The experiences and opportunities parents create for their children are fundamental for their development, particularly for children with additional difficulties. However, they can face challenges when it comes to making informed decisions, from the smallest to the biggest ones. In this Learning Unit we aim to support you in this process and in overcoming some dilemmas and challenges you may face.

What you will learn

Once you have completed this Learning Unit you should:

Develop your knowlege, skills, and positive attitudes regarding inclusion and human rights

Be aware of the importance of the early years

Be familiar with inclusive pathways for children with additional needs

Be able to identify frequent challenges and ways to overcome them


When participating in this Learning Unit, you will be presented with reading material, but also with practical activities, and you will also have access to additional resources, in case you want to further increase your knowledge. In addition to the practical activities inside each lesson of this Learning Unit, you will also be asked to do a final activity, and you will also be asked to answer a survey before and after completing the Learning Unit, so you can gain awareness on how it has helped you in acquiring new knowledge. 

To have a clearer idea, this will be the structure of the Learning Unit:

Inclusion and rights

- Definition and importance of inclusion

- Characteristics of inclusive contexts

- Children and parents’ rights

The early years 

- Development and learning: the importance of the early years 

- Natural environments, families and children’s interests, routines, and needs

Inclusive pathways

- Supports to ensure the inclusion of younger children with ID: ECI, ECEC, SE

- Evidence-based practices for children with ID and developmental disabilities from 0 to 7 years?

This Learning Unit is planned to be completed in 3 or 4 hours. You can do it at your own pace.


You do not need to have any prior knowledge to take part in this Learning Unit.

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